Welcome to Willow Falls, Wisconsin, where love awaits fascinating and captivating characters! 

Returning His Favor

Book 1 in the Unconditional Series 

Curvy bombshell Melissa Danzer spends her days working on her photography business in Willow Falls, Wisconsin. Alone in the world except for her sister, Melissa is running away from her traumatic past.


A brooding and bearded giant, Jakob King is a successful business owner with secrets of his own. As an ex-Amish, he struggles to cling to something real in his new life. When he sets his sights on Melissa, he’ll stop at nothing to have her, to protect her, and to claim her as his own.


As danger lurks and their worlds collide, will Melissa and Jakob be able to overcome what life throws at them, or will they be drive apart? 

Returning His Love

Book 2 in the Unconditional Series 

Small-town Librarian Madeline Danzer is taking a chance. After meeting a Scottish male model on Instagram, she decides to fly halfway across the world from Wisconsin to meet Calum MacGregor in person. He is everything she is attracted to: a flirty, trim heartthrob with a killer smile. 

When she arrives in Scotland, however, she finds that nothing is what it seems. Alone in a foreign country, Maddie relies on the help of a gentle giant, Nick O’Shaughnessy, to explore everything that Scotland (and Nick) have to offer. 

Tattooed and bearded Nick has never seen a more beautiful woman than Maddie, but she won’t even look at him twice. What’s more, Nick has a secret in his life that could drive Maddie away from him forever. Will Nick finally come clean to Maddie about his feelings and his secret or will she go back home to Wisconsin with a broken heart?

Returning His Power

Book 3 in the Unconditional Series

Shannon Grant Romano is an independent woman, a quirky coffee shop owner who needs no man in her life. When the hot new police chief arrives in town, the two begin to clash in the biggest battle that Willow Falls, Wisconsin, has ever seen.

Benjamin Kennedy knows nothing about Wisconsin. After coming to the Dairy State from Miami, the hot cop is a fish out of water. The only woman who makes him feel at home is Shannon, but she is too busy taking down chauvinist village officials and renovating her business to bother with him.


One snowy, dark night, the two begin to connect in a way that Benjamin never thought possible. While Benjamin always thought of himself as an alpha male, Shannon is teaching him the sweet pleasure of letting her take control. Yet Benjamin has his secrets and Shannon has demons in her past. Will the two be able to overcome their differences to create a life together, or will their stubbornness tear them apart?


In this striking conclusion to the Unconditional trilogy (this book can be read on its own), readers will fall in love with their favorite characters all over again and make some new favorites in the process.


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